Suzanne Donazetti

Suzanne Donazetti began weaving and painting on metal about 15 years ago. She has developed a method to communicate with color, through the refractive lens of weaving using universal shapes of the circle, spiral, triangle, and cross. The traditional over and under of the weaving is done with thirty-six gauge copper that is gilded and painted in a variety of warm and cool colors that evoke a sense of harmony like that found in the natural environment. The colors are intense and shapes refract and bend to entertain the eye as they become liquid and soft like a watercolor. Size can vary to suit the display space available and the artist has created numerous public works of art. Price is dictated by size and complexity as the art folds and undulates on an invisible frame that is hung like a regular picture on the wall. Verticals can also hang as a horizontal The work in the gallery ranges from $685.00 to $2400.00 and is light enough to ship easily.



Fire & Ice  by Suzanne Donazetti
 Fire & Ice
  $685.00 learn more
Green Shadows by Suzanne Donazetti
 Green Shadows
  $775.00 learn more
Midnight Sun by Suzanne Donazetti
 Midnight Sun
  $785.00 learn more
Sea & Sunlight by Suzanne Donazetti
 Sea & Sunlight
  $785.00 learn more
Red Wind by Suzanne Donazetti
 Red Wind
  $635.00 learn more
Autumn Wind by Suzanne Donazetti
 Autumn Wind
  $635.00 learn more
Between The Waves by Suzanne Donazetti
 Between The Waves
  $785.00 learn more
Ocean Sunset 8 by Suzanne Donazetti
 Ocean Sunset 8
  $2,300.00 learn more

Primary Elements Gallery - 172 North Hemlock, Sandpiper Square
P.O. Box 1084 Cannon Beach, Oregon 97110, 503-436-0220