Scott Gray


Scott first studied ceramics at Eastern Washington University under the tutelage of Bill Sage. After graduating from E.W.U in 1982, he moved to Del Rio, Texas, where he taught ceramics and painting for the Del Rio Council for the Arts, The Firehouse.

In 1984, he went back to E.W.U. to pursue a Master's degree in ceramics. During this time he experimented with pitfire, raku, high fire reduction, wood fire, and salt. Not finishing his Masters Scott was lured away with the opportunity to work and live in Kailua, Hawaii. While pursuing the education profession for the past 20 years, he has continued to be creative in many different mediums. He has worked with video, computer graphics, and drawing with pencil and pastels.

Being away from clay for 20 years, with much encouragement, Tongues of Fire Pottery Studio was born in 2004. (located in Goldendale).

Scott works mainly with raku, a decorative low fire pottery incorporating interesting oxides, textures & glazes unobtainable by conventional pottery firing methods. But he is currently working with mid-fire, cone 6, stoneware and porcelain functional ware too. His latest includes a whimsical teapot series in food-safe glazes that are fired at higher temperatures than raku, enabling them to be used in the home as well as being decorative & fun.

Scott works and lives in the small rural community of Goldendale, located in south central Washington. He is married to his wonderful and supportive wife, Felicia, and has two beautiful and creative children Sienna and Skyler. He also teaches primary school (4th grade) in Goldendale and is a coach of both basketball and track. You can see more of his work by appointment in his Tongues of Fire studio in Goldendale or at the stores and galleries presently carrying his work for sale. You can find his work at The Golden Art Gallery, Clark's Floral, Maryhill Winery, Salmon Creek and Primary Elements in Cannon Beach, OR.

Dream Catcher Copper
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Dream Catcher Ribbed
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Red Salmon
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Salmon Pottery
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Primary Elements Gallery - 172 North Hemlock, Sandpiper Square
P.O. Box 1084 Cannon Beach, Oregon 97110, 503-436-0220