Welcome to the world  of R Young Art , featuring the original, fine art oil paintings, sketches, drawings and pastel artwork produced by myself, Richard Young. The style of my artwork is modern, yet classical / traditional and occasionally contemporary. The composition and technique I use is influenced and inspired by the realism and romanticism of my favourite post renaissance Masters and their wonderful, timeless masterpieces. Especially Bouguereau... Predominantly figurative and of females, the tendency of my artwork is towards carefully composed anonymity, capturing the emotions and self belief of the subject, rather than characteristic individual representation. The creation of figurative artwork not only depicts the emotions of the artist, it transforms the artist's emotions. Also, it is far easier for all of us to carefully scrutinize figurative artwork and judge its anatomical accuracy, often creating a more personal understanding of specific favourite pieces. My figurative artwork is often sensual and sometimes tastefully erotic. My ballerinas and flamenco / belly / tango dancers are passionate, moody and emotional. My musicians and singers come alive in their performance. My wildlife is alive, though it's a project in its infancy at the moment. My preferred lighting, shading and contrast are dramatic. I simply adore light and am fascinated with its arguably undue influence on any subject. After all, without light, what is art? Unlike the vast majority of past and current artists, I delve extensively between the extremes of highlights and lowlights in my artwork in a chiaroscuro technique, occasionally minimalist, often leaving the viewer's mind to complete the picture and to add depth. I always strive to create an atmosphere in whatever I produce, at the highest possible quality and using a knife, brush, canvas and a very limited colour palette of oil paint or pastels, often alla prima, mixing only on the canvas!


Whether you're a collector, you appreciate the creativity and value of fine art, or you're simply an admirer of skilful and talented visual arts, purchasing, owning and living with an original artistic creation is an exciting and extremely personal experience, be it a figure study, ballerina, dancer, nude, a portrait, or any other form of painting or print. It is also both satisfying and fulfilling, a way of seeing the world differently, seeing yourself differently, opening and challenging your thoughts to a different perspective and wider dimension, arousing your senses and stimulating your mind, let alone uniquely transforming an area of your home to one that you can truly be proud of. Art should be viewed, pondered, admired, exhibited, proudly displayed, carefully scrutinized, and in order to benefit to the fullest extent possible, it should be understood from the perspective of its creator - the professional artist. This is obviously not always quite as simple as it seems, though if a viewer has similar feelings to me about art, he or she will connect with my artwork and better understand me. Art is a thing of beauty, not just an investment. My website, galleries that display my artwork, and exhibitions, should hopefully be a friendly and enjoyable place to look at some of my artwork, irrespective of whether you are interested in purchasing either an original or a print.


 I personally invite all art lovers of the purest form, whether you're an established or prospective client, a corporate buyer, an individual seeking knowledge, or you're simply interested in discovering more about my exclusive artwork, to come into my world, enjoy my finest works, and find out more. And thank you for taking the time to visit my world, please do visit again, as new artwork is usually added monthly.

Last updated in June 2009 to add new artwork and some upcoming exhibitions... Note that I take a much needed family break during July and August...

Meanwhile, I can do no better than to quote one of my favourite literary artists Oscar Wilde: "The pleasure that one has in creating a work of art is a purely personal pleasure, and it is for the sake of this pleasure that one creates. The artist works with his eye on the object. Nothing else interests him. What people are likely to say does not even occur to him. He is fascinated by what he has in hand. He is indifferent to others. If my work pleases the few, I am gratified. If it does not, it causes me no pain."                         

Please be aware that this area contains some images suitable only for sensible adults. If you are not of legal age to view such material, or if you have connected to this area from a country, location or ISP that prohibits viewing such images, or if you find such images to be in any way offensive, please leave this area.

Richard Young - FRSA


Acoustic Serenade
  $600.00 learn more
  $2,200.00 learn more
  $2,000.00 learn more
  $2,200.00 learn more
  $3,795.00 learn more
Eclectic Sax
  $600.00 learn more
Emotional Tango
  $2,300.00 learn more
Rebel Yell  11 ( Billy Idol)
  $2,000.00 learn more
Sensational Sax
  $200.00 learn more
Tango Heat
  $2,300.00 learn more
Temperate Sax
  $200.00 learn more
Torrid Tango
  $2,300.00 learn more
  $2,200.00 learn more

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