Joel Bloomberg creates a wide variety of glass art, including his distinctive series of Jellyfish lamps that are in actuality one-of-a-kind illuminated sculptures. Joel regards his sculptures as allegorical statements and explains that his obiect and direction are two-fold: 1} to create pieces that have a 'precious quality' to them whether they are small and simple or large and involved and 2) to create designs, ideas, and techniques that expand the vocabulary of art glass and use the materials in new and unexpected ways. Each Jellyfish lamp is unique in color, shape, size, and appearance. Each requires a complex combination of blowing, cold working, and lamination that Joel has perfected over many years.

"Light plays an important part with all of my work, and especially in my illuminated sculptural lamps," he explains. Colors and reflections can look very different depending on the time of day, direction of the light, or other factors affecting light. 11

In 1974 Joel was preparing himself for a career in marine biology when art, which had always been part of his life, became his primary focus. His lifelong interest in science both supports his technical skills and is revealed in his art, where even his most abstract themes are nature-derived. Largely self-taught in his glass designs, Joel earned degrees from two of California's most respected glass schools: Palomar College {Associate of Arts degree in Chemistry and Glass) and California State University, Chico (Bachelors degree in Gloss and Sculpture). Among many glass workshops he has attended, he cites a two-week class with Richard Marquis and a two-day workshop with Gianii Toso as being very influential to his growth as a glass artist. Before establishing his own glass studio in 1980, Joel traveled throughout Europe to visit the famed glass factories of Sweden and Italy. The many site-specific glass sculptures he has created by commission include those for the city of West Hollywood, CA; the Great American Bank, San Diego; and the Gesim Corporation, Calabasas, CA.

Joel Bloomberg's work has been shown at more than 100 galleries end museums in the United States and Canada, including the Downey Museum of Art, CA; the Los Angeles Museum of Art; and the White House, Washington, D.C. His work is included in major collections throughout North America, Japan, France and Germany.


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