Jeffry Mann creates art for the home. These pieces, however, are not for the walls. Instead, his pieces become part of the living, inhabitable space. His medium is wood, and his designs experiment with the grains, light refraction, dimensionality, and the reaction of the wood to his careful hand-tooling.

A furniture artist for 23 years, his furniture has been featured in art galleries from coast to coast, including Ketchum's Gail Severn Gallery. While still occasionally creating cabinets, doors, and other specialty items, Mann is best known for his sleekly organic sculptured tables, chairs, barstools, and desks.

Mann just recently moved to the Sun Valley area to set up his new shop in Carey, making Aspen's loss Sun Valley's gain, as he previously worked and showed his work in Aspen, Colorado. Here in Sun Valley, he is enjoying the quieter lifestyle and experimenting with the three-dimensional qualities he obtains from refracted light using highly figured Maple, Claro Walnut and Cherry in mosaic patterns. "These woods I find to be the most intriguing, as they have so much depth, action, and tones, though I have in-depth experience with many other species of wood," Jeffry Mann explains. He adds,"I cut my own veneers from these boards so I have more control of the grain patterns. It's like painting with the natural grains and textures."

Just as interesting as his creations is the process Mann undertakes to collaborate with the homeowners for custom furniture. The process is intended to make certain that clients get exactly what they need for the space, and can start in a variety of ways. In the showroom, an existing piece might be just what customer wants, or they might want to take the inspiration of an existing piece and evolve the concept. For an original design, Jeffry Mann draws the concept, while other people may come to him with an idea that can be expressed in photographs that he can clarify by drawing. With concurrence on the drawings, he then proceeds to make full-scale drawings or build full-scale cardboard models, if needed to ensure that the proportions are correct and that the furniture fits comfortably within the space. If necessary, the artist and client undertake a process of adjusting and refining the model. Then, Mann takes the finalized scale drawings or models, and uses them as the design template to construct the piece. In this way, the client gains confidence in the newly commissioned piece.

In Sun Valley, Jeffry Mann's artistic curiosity is taking him in new, yet familiar directions. A carpenter and builder since his late teens, in addition to his furniture art, he is now developing properties where he designs and builds the homes. These homes feature his woodwork as built-ins and custom designs. He says, "I've really enjoyed how this pulls together work I've done in the past with what I am doing now. The homes are distinctive, carefully constructed, and carry the richness of my own history as an artist."

You are invited to contact Jeffry at 208.823.0074 for more information or to initiate a commission. A portfolio of his work is available online at www.

Double 'L' Table #1 by Jeffry Mann
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Double 'L' Table #2 by Jeffry Mann
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Pin Stripe Triangle by Jeffry Mann
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Zion and Cube Table by Jeffry Mann
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Custom Dining Chair by Jeffry Mann
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Claro Walnut Dining Table by Jeffry Mann
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Squiggle Table by Jeffry Mann
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The Beam Table by Jeffry Mann
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Monolith #1 by Jeffry Mann
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Monolith #1 by Jeffry Mann
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