Gerald Addison Pierce

Gerald Addison Pierce was born in North Carolina in 1939.  It was early in his life that Addison, as he is now known in the art world, had his first taste of art success at the age of 9.   He received top honors in North Carolina�s state visual art competition.  However, as with many youngsters, this talent was left to wither and to lie dormant for the next 46 years.  His first life was consumed as a profession drummer, but after graduating from North Carolina State University his artistic talent moved into the world of science.  For many years his creativity was focused in the research field where he pursued the mysteries of the atom.  It was not until his retirement after 35 years in research and the corporate world that his artist talent would again be focused on the visual arts.

In 1994, he attended a University of California art class called �Art for People Who Can�t Draw a Line�.  As a result of this class, the talent which had been lying dormant emerged.  To his amazement and to all that knew him, the overwhelming reaction to his work during this class began his journey into the art world. He continued his art education with classes at San Francisco School of Art, College of San Mateo, City College of San Francisco, Skyline College and various workshops.  The rest is history!   Being a researcher, he draws from all media to express his emotions and to look for the mysteries we all pursue.  When asked about his style, he will tell you he tries not to have one.  He says his style is determined by what he is trying to capture at the moment.

As he describes, all his life has been like grabbing a tiger by the tail.  You don�t know where it may take you or what excitement may lie ahead, but you don�t want to miss the ride.  He invites you to grab this tiger by the tail and take a ride with him and see the beauty, mystery and emotion of the moment through his art.

Jazzmen In My Mind
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