Rob Ramage

artist Rob Ramage painting in plein airFrom his website:
A Northwest painter and printmaker who resides in the Portland, Oregon area, Rob works primarily in pastel and oil mediums but in recent years has become a printmaker. Rob’s interest is in the landscape and he lives in Northwest to be close to a variety of geography and geology in wild lands. His work starts with plein air paintings, sketches and experiences. Rob strives to create in his work both physical landscape and an inner landscape where the mind’s experience of a place plays a part. A Portland collector described Rob’s work by stating “I’ve been looking at a lot of art and nobody puts color on a canvas more effectively than Rob. He must have an intense response to what he sees, a sensory love affair with nature. The result is a distinctive style of painting which enlivens the most placid scene without slipping over into excess.” Rob holds a BFA in Painting from Pacific Northwest College of Art. In 2008, he received the Director’s Purchase Award and an Honorable Mention in the Pastel National 2008 show in Wichita, KS. In 2009, Rob was published in Kennedy Publishing's the 'Best of American Pastel Artists Volume II.