Doug Landreth

Photographer Artist Doug Landreth " I first discovered photography in high school while documenting a two week tour of Europe I went on with my brother. I loved it and continued to shoot as the yearbook photographer for the University of Puget Sound where I graduated with a degree in marketing. I then attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and graduated with honors including the Oustanding Achievement Award. This lead to a successful commercial advertising career for the past 25 years working with many of the leading names of industry in the Northwest and nationally. My work has won its share of awards including recognition from Communication Arts, Photo Graphis and Print magazines. More recently I was awarded the Photoshop Guru award from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

I began creating my fine art work years ago as I worked to move my focus away from the crisp aesthetic of advertising photography to a style that feels more like illustration or painting. My visual influences were the works of Andrew Wyeth and Winslow Homer which has imparted a desire to communicate my emotional impressions of my subject and pay tribute to a visual sense of time's passage or the patina of aging. I create each piece of art through a meticulous process of digitally layering countless photographs together, creating a single image that is rich in both color and detail. I photograph textures constantly; rust, scratched metal, old books, flower landscapes, etc., and use them like a painter uses a palette of paints.

I am currently exibiting works in galleries nationwide, selling my artwork at art-fairs across the country, shooting commercial assignments, and conducting photo workshops."