I execute my paintings exclusively with the palette knife using a layering technique of wet paint on wet paint, "impasto wet on wet". This technique using thick and rich paintwork allows me to create works that are uniquely rich in texture and appear as three dimensional realities. My work reveals a romantic view expressed through color, light and texture.


           Paintings That Enrich People's Lives

            Many of Anna's paintings enrich people's lives through the deep emotional response they produce. Some may produce a feeling of joy and happiness, while others serve as a reminder of a cherished moment or place.

            "The ultimate satisfaction comes when my work touches the emotions of others. Knowing that my work can enrich one person's life is what inspires me to continually create."  

           Paintings That Arouse a Sense of Touch

            Anna Good creates works that are uniquely rich in texture. Her fine palette knife work has been described as "sculpture in two-dimensional format" that arouses a feeling of touch in the viewer. Her uniquely texture-rich paintings reach to people and people reach to them.

            "Texture is equal to color and light in my artistic expression. I consider my work a visual diary of my experiences in the garden - a visual reflection of nature with all its colors and textures. My goal is to convey the experience of the place in a way that engages all the senses including the sense of touch."  

           Paintings That Celebrate Color and Motion

            Anna's paintings have been described as a "marriage between art and dance". Small broken patterns of rich and vivid colors created with brisk strokes of the palette knife, give Anna's paintings an illusionary sense of motion.

            "Whether it's the motion of a swimming koi or movement of breeze through a poppies field, illusion of movement within a painting engages our eye and imagination and invites us to become co-creators."  

            Anna Good creates a romantic world of color and light; texture and beauty. Her paintings of scenic gardens and floral pathways convey a romantic view of the world she sees around her. Her unique palette knife layering technique of wet paint on wet paint gives her art distinctively rich texture and color to enhance its ethereal qualities. This romantic vision of life is a dynamic and evolving one that Anna has sought to share.

            Nature and its interpretation by the artist to create beauty greatly inspire Anna's work. She travels the world to draw inspiration from scenic landscapes, floral gardens, and koi ponds. During her travels she was inspired by Monet's garden in Paris, Butchart gardens in British Columbia, Filoli gardens in California and most recently the gardens of Frederick Chopin's birthplace outside of Warsaw. "I consider my work a visual diary of my experiences in the garden - a visual interpretation of the colors, textures and spirit. Gardens are not only a manifestation of man's collaboration with nature but also an expression of the passion and dedication to create them." Working in her garden, travel, exploration and discovery of new places of beauty are what make Anna tick and continually inspire her to paint.

            Anna's ability to create art uniquely rich in texture is what amazes admirers of her work. "My art is a visual reflection of nature with all its colors and textures. Engaging all the senses, especially the sense of touch, is my goal." Anna's paintings have been described in this way:

            "The thick and rich impasto wet on wet palette knife work of Anna Good appears as sculpture in two-dimensional format that uniquely arouses the sense of touch."

            Anna Good was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1947. Raised and educated in California, she received her degree in Sculpture from the University of California. When she moved to Maui in 1979, she initially made her mark as a scrimshaw artist by being one of the first to introduce color into scrimshaw. She created over 2000 images and became one of the top ten artists in America. After eighteen years of work she chose water colors and oil painting as the next form of expression. She dedicated the first seven years to painting wildlife and a unique series titled "Rooms for Wildlife". In 1999 she embraced the fine art of impressionism to become a palette knife artist.

            Anna Good and her works have been featured in such publications as Hawaiian Style and Koi USA Magazines and the Art of Scrimshaw I and II. Her pieces are exhibited in galleries nation wide and are found in collections of Tippy Hedren and Siegfried and Roy. She was a featured artist with one woman shows in Maui, Kauai, Las Vegas and Japan.



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