Glass Sculpture by Michael Hopko

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Puffin Sculpture by Heather Soderberg

Latest Sculpture by Heather Soderberg

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Roy Tabora painting new beginnings

Roy Tabora, New Beginnings    More by Tabora »

Moonstruck, a fanciful sculpture of a winged woman by Michael Parkes

“Moonstruck”, sculpture by Michael Parkes

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Tibetan Wave, gold-leaf giant wave iconic painting by Troy Carney

“Tibetan Wave” by Troy Carney

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Wild and Free, sculpture by Tammy Bality

Wild and Free by Tammy Bality

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branch sculpture  by Brenna Tyler

Natural Sculpture by Brenna Tyler

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Artful fine woodwoorking multi-level desk by Jeffrey Mann at Primary Elements Gallery

“Quadrant Table” by Jeffrey Mann

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sculpture of Hawaiian woman with turtle and shells by Heather Soderberg

“Kai Kau Hale”, sculpture by Heather Soderberg

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Paintings by George Eguchi

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